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Ace Agriculture CEO adds his voice to the ongoing debate on Sustainable Agriculture and specifically Regenerative Agriculture. Q: Let’s just get straight into it, what is Regenerative Agriculture and why the sudden interest in it? A: Thank you. Regenerative Agriculture is actually not new. Experts have for a long time expressed concerns about the unintended

THE PROCESS AND COST OF BOREHOLE DRILLING IN KENYA Kenya is classified as a water deficient country with less than 1000 cubic meters of renewable fresh water supply per capita. 80% of Kenya is classified as Arid and Semi-Arid (ASAL). This water deficiency problem is compounded by climate change that has seen rainfall patterns become

Inform,empower,educate TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION A MUST IN MODERN FARMING The world population is projected to reach about 9.1 Billion by 2050. In order to feed this ever increasing population, farmers must change how they approach food production. With climate change, increased rural urban migration and fertile soils being lost to urbanization, farmers must increasingly produce more

  inform, empower, educate…..Aug 2019 Edition SHADE NET FARMING What are shade nets? A shade net is a fabric knitted or woven from HDPE material that is primarily designed to protect crops and animals against harsh radiation from the sun either by absorbing or reflecting light; shade nets however have many other applications which we

inform, empower, educate……June 2019 edition, Part 2 THE CROPS (FOOD CROPS REGULATIONS) 2018  The Food Crops Regulations has been drafted pursuant to Section 40 of the Crops Act 2013 which give authority to the CS Agriculture to draft and actualize laws that give life to the Crops Act 2013 which outlines broad guidelines on regulating

THE CROPS (HORTICULTURAL CROPS REGULATIONS) 2019 The Crops Act 2013 The Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture in coming up with the Horticultural Crops Regulations 2019, exercises powers conferred to him by  Section 40 (1) of the Crops Act 2013 which states as follows, “The Cabinet Secretary may, in consultation with the Authority and County Governments, make

Uniformity of water Distribution in drip Irrigation Systems Irrigation is the artificial application of water to an area where it is needed. Sources of irrigation water includes rivers, lakes, dams, shallow wells and boreholes. Irrigation enables all year round crop production and also enables production in areas which would otherwise be considered unsuitable for agriculture

INSIGHTS ON GREENHOUSE PRODUCTION IN KENYA What is a greenhouse and how does it work? A greenhouse (also known as glass house or hot house) is a structure covered predominantly by a transparent material like glass or plastic (rigid panels or polythene). Greenhouses are used to grow crops that require or that can benefit from

A CASE FOR EMPOWERMENT OF MARGINALIZED RURAL BASED SMALLHOLDER FARMERS. Agriculture has been a dominant contributor to Kenya’s economy for many years, accounting for about 27% of the GDP and about 60% of the workforce. The sector is dominated by smallholder farmers, majority of whom are based in fairly marginalized rural areas; it is estimated that

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