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Greenhouses are used to mostly grow crops that require regulated climatic conditions in order to achieve maximum yields. Flowers, tomatoes, capsicum and cucumber are popular greenhouse crops.

Our greenhouses and tunnels are quick to install, built to last and can be customized to different budgets and spaces. For home gardening lovers we have the mini kitchen greenhouse and kitchen garden irrigation kit that is easy to pack, ship and install. For small and medium scale commercial producers we have tunnels that can be single or multi span. The tunnels come with an inbuilt crop support system so you do not incur any additional costs and for commercial growers we offer fully equipped greenhouses with climate control systems, automated irrigation systems, fertigation and lighting systems. Our greenhouses are made of either steel or wood depending on client preference and resources. Our team of technicians is highly experienced and professional.

We offer various farm services

Our Integrated Solutions

Farm Training

Commitment to sharing information, knowledge and skills that ensure farmer success.

Irrigation System Design

Design and installation of Irrigation systems tailor made to meet client requirements and capacity. We also build water storage dams.

Greenhouse Construction

Design and construction of greenhouses supported by agronomy services to ensure farmer success and positive returns on investment.

Crop Establishment

We offer good quality seedlings germinated in a clean environment that ensures that diseases and pests are not transferred from ...

Farm Survey

Farm reconnaissance survey and entry strategy formulation.

Drilling Services

In partnership with affiliate drilling company we offer world class borehole drilling services for both farming and domestic purposes. 

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