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Crop establishment:

The seed is the basic unit of the crop and therefore the use of good quality seed/seedling is a prerequisite for the satisfactory production of good healthy crops. This is why we take this early crop stage very seriously. We advise and support our farmers in seed selection and nursery establishment to give them a good, healthy start.... a head-start if you like.

Climate change, pressure from pests and dwindling resources such as land and water calls for well designed crop management systems that ensure profitability whilst safeguarding the environment. We guide our farmers towards the cultivation systems that best fit their circumstances. To get a good crop one must consider the soil type and condition, manage water, manage pests and conform to market requirements. Our team of experts will guide you to navigate your way to a successful harvest.

Laboratory Services

Crop production can only be maximized under the right conditions. Soil and water quality play a very important role and it is important that they are tested for quality. Samples for testing must be properly collected and preserved before delivery to the lab. We guide on proper sampling, interpretation of results and implementation of recommendation.

We work with the following laboratories:
  1. • Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO).
  2. • Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate services.
  3. • Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services (CropNuts).
Other organizations that offer soil testing services include Quest Agriculture and Soil Cares.

We offer various farm services

Our Integrated Solutions

Farm Training

Commitment to sharing information, knowledge and skills that ensure farmer success.

Irrigation System Design

Design and installation of Irrigation systems tailor made to meet client requirements and capacity. We also build water storage dams.

Greenhouse Construction

Design and construction of greenhouses supported by agronomy services to ensure farmer success and positive returns on investment.

Crop Establishment

We offer good quality seedlings germinated in a clean environment that ensures that diseases and pests are not transferred from ...

Farm Survey

Farm reconnaissance survey and entry strategy formulation.

Drilling Services

In partnership with affiliate drilling company we offer world class borehole drilling services for both farming and domestic purposes. 

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